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Kansas boasts some of the finest pheasant hunting and quail hunting in the United States.  In addition, Kansas also has one of the biggest populations of  prairie chickens in the United States.  Bobwhite quail still flourish throughout much of the state.  Although not native, the ring-necked pheasant has become a fixture to much of the Kansas landscape.


This assortment and wealth of opportunities has made Kansas one of the most popular destinations among bird hunters worldwide.  All upland bird populations vary annually according to climate and habitat conditions. 



Kansas fishing isn't what it used to be.  It's much more.  We have some of the best channel, flathead, and blue catfishing to be found, but today Kansas anglers have great variety.


If you're an old-school angler and still want to catch the whiskered fish native to our streams and rivers, you have more opportunities today than ever.  Channel catfish are found in nearly every stream, river, pond, lake, and reservoir in the state.  They remain one of the most popular angling species.

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